How to Prevent Flu in 7 Steps

Seasonal flu, better known as Influenza, is a virus that resides in the atmosphere throughout the year (prevalent in the cold months). Because it’s contagious, it’s also easily transmitted either by air or by direct contact with other individuals.

  • Below are 10 steps that will help you reduce the infection.
  • Avoid crowds. Contact with clusters increases the contraction of the disease, especially indoors.
  • Open the windows. Let the air circulate at home, at work, on public transport (…)
  • Wash your hands often in order to “destroy” the microorganisms.
  • When coughing, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue paper (preferably disposable).
  • If you have suggestive symptoms of influenza (e.g.: temperature > 37.5 ° C, cough, swollen gargle…), use a mask.
  • Do not share utensils or personal instruments: plates, glasses, cutlery (…)
  • If you notice some manifestations of the disease, go to your referral health service in order to initiate the most indicated treatment.

We expect that this article has been useful on your day-by-day. We expect you will be able to take preventive measures for you and the people that you contact with.


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